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Residential Assistant

Mount St. Mary's Residence Life

My Resident Assistant career has built me as a leader. I am in charge of 40 Mount students ranging from freshman to seniors on my specific floor. I design programs to promote community building. I construct bulletin boards to teach healthy living styles. I am responsible for the safety of over 470 residents of an entire residential building. I enforce campus policies and foster a safe and developmental environment. Along with leadership skills, I have been able to develop and grow my communication skills, and decision making skills throughout my career.

Emerging Leaders


Emerging Leaders is a class that gives understanding and knowledge of the different theories and concepts to what it takes to be a leader, as well as building the skills that I already possess, that define me as a leader. From completion of this course I have graduated with a fundamental understanding of where I stand in a personal leadership role. Through this course I took the knowledge learned and adapted it to my real world lifestyle. Now, my involvement with the Leadership Institute, puts me in a position of Resource Manager. With this role I am in charge of teaching efolio to Mount students, as well as organizing and educating other Mount students to go out and teach efolio to other students, creating a network of professionals all through the understanding and use of Efolio.

Women and Men's Leaders' Network


President 2014-15

The Women and Men Leadership Network is a select number of individuals who are the basis of learning and teaching the students of Mount Saint Mary's University how to use efolio. With our help the students will be able to use efolio as a tool both in college and after college to document their experiences, achievements, and personal interests. These efolio creations can be used as a showcase to future employers.

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